tam1As she was prior to slipping her moorings and being neglected for a while

Tamaha is a 31′ all wood Bermuda rigged yacht. Her jib is loose footed and may be flown as a Genoa. Steered by tiller she has central and bilge keels, so she’ll sit nicely if the tide goes out but prefers to be, as she is now, mounted on oil drums or some other supports when she’s being worked on on dry land. We don’t yet know too much about her history but we do know that some months ago she met with misfortune. This blog will document our efforts to restore her to her former glory as pictured above.  Our intention is then to sail her down to Brighton marina where she’ll become our new home and the vessel for our adventures at sea.

After breaking loose from her moorings she eventually grounded a little the worse for wear, with a damaged bilge keel, rudder and some broken portholes. Remaining there for a while a period of neglect added insult to this poor boat’s injuries. By the time we found her, in the boatyard where we’re currently doing the work, the bilge keel rudder and portholes had been repaired. Even so, there’s still much to do to make her a lovely live aboard for a couple of aspiring sea gypsies.

All of the wood above the gunwales needs to be stripped prior to sanding and repainting. There are a few areas of soft wood that need to be replaced or treated and repaired, two small holes that were drilled in the bottom to let out rainwater need to be patched, a new cockpit hatch is a must and a small collection of fascinating little leaks in the cabin roof need to be stopped.

While I’m working on those bits Kae will be making her ideas a reality below deck. The interior betrays that Tamaha was probably owned by a weekender who wasn’t too worried about his accommodation environment, so there’s plenty to do there too. Although I’ll happily be taking part in some of the labour that involves, it has to be said that interior design is not my specialty, so I should think I’ll be posting some links on here to Kae’s posts as she works her magic on turning Tamaha into our home.

The really exciting bit for me is that while I have always wanted to live on a boat, I know nothing about them, well, perhaps a little more than I did three weeks ago. Needless to say I’ll be spending a lot of time on board and seeking to learn much over the coming weeks. Hard work, yes, but this is adventure at it’s best, and I’m already loving it, before we’re even in the water.


Now receiving much needed care